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(#284) In this week's episode, I discuss overcoming (minor) injuries to get back to pain-free performance.

There is almost nothing as frustrating as dealing with nagging injuries and trying to train, right?

You'll learn about the 4 stages of overcoming injuries and the key things I've learned and experienced through decades of training.

This simple framework is important to understand to get back to full training, as quickly as possible.

Here's a few things you'll hear about this week:

  • The 5 keys we need to consider when dealing with a minor injury
  • The 4 main stages of overcoming injury (what to avoid and where we want to "live")
  • How to approach your training IF you have an injury
  • How to get back to pain-free performance as quickly as possible
  • Key factors to consider for preventing future injuries
  • And, many more key insights....

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The Momentous Minute with Tim Caron

Today's Momentous Minute is with Tim Caron, the owner of Allegiate Gym and performance engineer at Momentous, the sports nutrition company on a mission to clean up the supplement industry.

Today's question is when does it make sense to use a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) product? What does the research say about this?

Tim Caron:

BCAA's, in regards to what's actually in them, is a combination of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Reasons why we want to have those three individually is largely due to getting leucine in our body.

Leucine's an amino acid that's used during training, but it also stimulates the protein synthesis pathways.

Now, in terms of what research is saying, a lot of it's actually leaning towards more essential amino acids and having amino acids that your body's not capable of producing kind of covers a lot more bases.

If we're looking at getting our leucine levels to stimulate one energy production during training, as well as protein synthesis, having a lot more coverage in terms of all the essential amino acids is definitely where research is leaning towards and showing more promise.

BCAA's still hold weight and can still be effective, just more research is leaning towards using essential amino acids.


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