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(#256) Dr. Ryan DeBell, founder of The Movement Fix, joins the podcast this week for a fantastic discussion about human movement.

Dr. DeBell is a chiropractor, seminar leader, writer, and creator of The Movement Fix. The Movement Fix is an educational website that teaches us how to master our body through better movement.

Here's what you'll learn about this week:

  • Why he doesn't identify with being a Chiropractor
  • How his passion in health and fitness all began with the Total Gym
  • How he merged his background in Technology & Health and Fitness
  • Why transitioning to a more digital learning environment
  • A "hint" about the big project he's been developing
  • Learn about the "Online" Movement Fix seminar
  • What's the big thing that people walk away with after the MF seminar
  • Can you assess your own movement?
  • What are the principles to satisfy a good squat pattern?
  • Why movement checklists aren't a good thing (according to Ryan)
  • What are the 3 most common movement issues?
  • Thoughts on spinal flexion (during movement and/or during lifts)
  • What he says is worse than spinal flexion?
  • What exercises he likes for back health
  • Most valuable exercises to improve movement
  • What exercise is often missed in training?
  • An exclusive "sneak preview" about his upcoming soft-tissue tool
  • Books he's recently read and recommends
  • 2 actionable takeaways from our interview (great stuff!)

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