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(#285) Matt Wan, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Momentous, joins the show this week.

Matt shares his story about getting started in training and what he learned at a very young age about the importance of nutrition.

His story is what ultimately drove him to "make a difference" and do something bold to disrupt the sports nutrition industry.

Here's what you'll learn this week:

  • Why we should care about Matt's passions in fitness
  • The #1 thing Matt learned when he started training
  • Why Matt wanted to enter the highly competitive sports nutrition industry
  • The shocking truth about the products that professional athletes use
  • The product brand Matt uses himself (outside of Momentous)
  • Why premium products come at a cost
  • How a consumer can determine if a product is high-quality?
  • An overview of "standards and label certifications" - what do they mean?
  • The "performance car" analogy (and what it means in choosing supplements)
  • What we should know about pricing - why you get what you pay for
  • How to know if a protein supplement is "high quality"
  • Why it's important to get a "one source" protein
  • The difference between the 3 whey-based proteins at Momentous
  • How Momentous was able to make such a great tasting product
  • "Real world" experience and feedback from athletes and dietitians
  • The importance of prohydrolase
  • What Matt's "go to" protein shake consists of...
  • Some very interesting facts about organic plant-based proteins
  • The "why" behind all the key ingredients to make a high-quality protein
  • His bold vision about the next few years
  • A specific actionable takeaway after hearing our interview...

Our proud podcast partner is Momentous. 

Momentous is my #1 recommended protein that is available on the market today. This protein source is the highest-quality, it tastes amazing, and it's well-tolerated. Don't settle for sub-standard protein supplements. Momentous is simply outstanding. Available in whey or plant-based varieties.

Check out and use the code "RDELLA20" to save $20 off your first order.

I've been using the "Absolute Zero Grass-Fed Whey" blend and also the Plant-Based blend, as well.

With Momentous, you have different protein source options and great varieties to choose from.

I typically mix Momentous with frozen organic strawberries and a 50/50 blend of unsweetened almond/coconut milk and it is FANTASTIC!

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The Momentous Minute with Tim Caron

Today's Momentous Minute is with Tim Caron, the owner of Allegiate Gym and performance engineer at Momentous, the sports nutrition company on a mission to clean up the supplement industry.

Today's question is how much protein can be consumed and utilized by the body at one time and what can alter protein consumption?

Tim Caron:

It depends a lot on your ability to digest proteins and your overall body mass.

More muscle mass usually leads to more overall calories or individual macronutrients, in general, in specific to protein.

So, when we take protein in abundance, this has a high satiety level and satiety means that we're going to get filled really fast.

It's really difficult to determine an exact amount, but typically the bigger you are and the better you digest proteins, the more you can do that, which leads to the quality of the protein.

You don't need as much when you have a higher quality of protein relative to eating a lower quality of protein mixed with some other things that might affect your actual satiety levels - like high sugar, maybe really processed foods, savory, salty foods.

Getting higher quality protein, in conjunction with higher quality foods, helps your ability to digest and assimilate proteins at a higher level.


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